JKBOSE Postponed class 12th paper: Check Reasons and Impact on Students

JKBOSE Postponed class 12th paper, As a student eagerly preparing for my class 12th board exams under the Jammu and Kashmir Board of School Education (JKBOSE), the recent announcement of the revised date-sheet for the Physical Education paper has certainly brought both relief and anticipation. Initially postponed, the examination is now scheduled to take place on 30th March 2024. This development, communicated through an official notification, underscores the commitment of JKBOSE to ensuring a smooth conduct of examinations despite unforeseen circumstances.

Revised Date-Sheet Announcement:

Upon the release of an official notification by JKBOSE, it was confirmed that the Physical Education paper for class 12th, which had been postponed earlier, will now be conducted on 30th March 2024. This announcement has been met with a mixture of emotions among students, ranging from relief to a renewed focus on preparation.

Impact on Students:

The rescheduling of the examination has undoubtedly impacted students’ study schedules and mental preparedness. While some may view it as an opportunity for additional revision and practice, others might feel a heightened sense of pressure as they strive to maintain momentum in their exam preparations.

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Time and Venue:

Despite the change in the examination date, JKBOSE has provided assurance that the time and venue of the Physical Education paper will remain unchanged. This consistency offers a sense of stability to students and ensures minimal disruption to their examination routine.


Q1: Why was the Physical Education paper postponed initially?

A1: The postponement of the Physical Education paper was necessitated due to unforeseen circumstances, as communicated by JKBOSE. Such decisions are made with the welfare and convenience of students in mind, ensuring a fair and conducive environment for examinations.

Q2: How should students adjust their study plans in light of the revised date-sheet?

A2: Students are advised to adapt their study plans accordingly, prioritizing topics and areas that require additional attention. Utilizing this extra time effectively for revision, practice, and clarification of doubts can contribute to better preparedness for the examination.

Q3: Will JKBOSE provide any additional support or resources to assist students during this period?

A3: While JKBOSE has not explicitly mentioned any additional support or resources, students can utilize existing study materials, guidance from teachers, and online resources to enhance their preparation. Staying updated with official announcements and maintaining a proactive approach to studies is crucial during this period.

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