JKSSB Final Selection List – Allocation of Cadres for Physically Challenged Candidates

In this article, I, Mufayaiz Wani, the author of JKBOSE Store, will provide detailed information about the JKSSB Final Selection List and the allocation of cadres for physically challenged candidates, specifically focusing on the sub-category of Deaf & Hard of Hearing. This is in reference to Advertisement Notification No. 01 of 2020 dated 26.06.2020, and the subsequent release of withheld recommendations.

Understanding the Background:

As per my previous office letter, No. JKSSB/55/2022-05(7048574) dated 28.07.2023, the JKSSB had earlier forwarded the Final Selection List/Allocation of Cadres for Physically Challenged Candidates (Deaf & Hard of Hearing) to the respective departments. However, certain recommendations were withheld due to various reasons.

Release of Withheld Recommendations:

In its 236th meeting, the JKSSB reviewed the submissions of requisite certificates/documents by candidates and made a decision to release the withheld recommendations for 14 candidates. These candidates have successfully fulfilled the deficiencies that led to the withholding of their recommendations.

JKSSB Final Selection List

List of Cleared Candidates:

Here is the list of the 14 candidates (refer to Annexure-A) whose withheld recommendations have been cleared by the JKSSB. This is a significant development in the allocation process, ensuring that deserving candidates get the opportunity they have worked hard for.

Important Note:

The release of the withheld recommendations is a positive step towards ensuring equal opportunities for physically challenged candidates in government posts. The terms and conditions mentioned in the letter No. JKSSB/55/2022-05 (7048574) dated 28.07.2023, remain unchanged.

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