Solar Rooftop Yojana 2024: Check About Yojna, Benefits, How to Apply

Solar Rooftop Yojana 2024, As an Indian citizen, I am thrilled to share insights into the Solar Rooftop Yojana 2024, a groundbreaking initiative by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy. This visionary scheme offers a 40% subsidy on solar panel installations, empowering households to generate clean, renewable energy while enjoying financial benefits. Through this article, I aim to delve into the scheme’s details, application process, required documents, and the myriad benefits it brings to our nation.

Introduction to Solar Rooftop Yojana 2024:

I am excited to introduce the Solar Rooftop Yojana 2024, a transformative endeavor by the Indian government aimed at promoting sustainable energy practices. Under this scheme, eligible citizens can avail themselves of a substantial subsidy ranging from 20% to 40% for installing solar panels on their rooftops.

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How to Apply for Solar Rooftop Yojana 2024:

Empowering citizens to embrace renewable energy, the application process for the Solar Rooftop Yojana 2024 is seamless and accessible. To apply, individuals can visit the official website at and follow these steps:

1. Navigate to the “Apply for Solar Rooftop” section.

2. Fill out the application form with essential details such as electricity distribution company, state, consumer number, contact information, and more.

3. Verify identity through a simple OTP verification process.

4. Submit the completed form to initiate the subsidy application.

Required Documents for Application:

To streamline the application process, applicants are required to furnish certain documents, including:

  1. Aadhar card
  2. Recent electricity bill (within the last six months)
  3. Passport-size photograph
  4. Proof of residency
  5. Address verification documents
  6. Bank account details
  7. Contact information (mobile number, email ID)

Benefits of Solar Rooftop Yojana 2024:

1. The Solar Rooftop Yojana 2024 offers a multitude of benefits, including:

2. Substantial subsidy of 40% on solar panel installations, making renewable energy more affordable and accessible.

3. Assurance of maintenance support for up to five years, ensuring optimal performance of solar systems.

4. Significant reduction or elimination of electricity bills, providing long-term savings and financial stability.

5. Opportunity to generate surplus electricity, enabling households to contribute to the national grid and earn additional income.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1: How much subsidy does the central government provide under the Solar Rooftop Yojana 2024?

A: The central government offers a subsidy ranging from 20% to 40% to eligible applicants, facilitating the adoption of solar energy solutions nationwide.

Q2: What documents are required for applying to the Solar Rooftop Yojana 2024?

A: Applicants need to submit essential documents such as Aadhar card, recent electricity bill, passport-size photograph, residency proof, address verification, bank account details, mobile number, and email address.

Q3: Where can applicants submit registration forms for the Solar Rooftop Yojana 2024?

A: Registration forms can be conveniently submitted on the official online portal at, ensuring a hassle-free application process for all eligible individuals.

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